Clement Design

Create workwear starting from scratch, with the greatest freedom. It's the same philosophy ClementDesign. Playing with the finest materials, dealing with colors.
Imagine the chef coat tomorrow, reinventing work pants, revolutionizing safety shoes with the extra attention that makes all the difference.
Praised by leaders for its innovative design, ClementDesign has created his "trademark", with recognizable and recognized creations, which allows him to be present around the world.




Customize by adding jackets bands original and varied colors, from a choice of 20 colors. To better fit the image of an institution closer color codes and graphic a restaurant. To go deeper into the personalization and customization jackets kitchen! After creating the concept in 2008, CLEMENT expanding supply in 2010 on six models of jackets for men and two for women.


It comes to a combination of three different materials.
    1. A "smart" fiber that regulates body temperature by wicking sweat.
    2. An open weave which optimizes airflow.
    3. A last generation poly-cotton for structuring the garment.

Ideal for heat variations and management of shots! A revolutionary technique material, created in 2004 by Clement, inspired by the requirement of sport, because managing extreme is a priority in the kitchen as in the locker room ...


In order to provide cooks comfort and allow them to adjust the size as desired (weight fluctuation). ClementDesign invented to I-Belt Belt (International Patent of invention) a belt attached to the pants, made of a reinforced elastic which allows great freedom of movement. This elastic part slides into a tunnel made of Dry-Clim, intelligent fiber that regulates body temperature by wicking sweat.
Fixing the I-Belt Belt is made by fixing a car that allows easy adjustment.


Button jacket Titan Ball, sewn by expert hands, can withstand a pull of 50 kg.
It consists of a special seal that allows him to have a "shape memory" which results in a return to its original shape after crash in some cases (eg ironing presses).
If necessary, Just "reshape" button.
Its properties therefore giving it a perfect fit for industrial maintenance.


Extreme Grip

SSR sole has to date the coefficient of adhesion highest ever obtained (0.65) according to tests conducted by the CTC (TSC leather) / ISO 20345 standard. Concretely, this means that these shoes can be traced back a covered slide oil without slipping.

Innovative Design

The TSAR range includes various styles of shoes each having been the subject of research in design and new materials. Thus, the carbon rod tex consists of VIPER, sublime model while giving it great strength.

High-Tech Comfort

When designing the TSAR line, we tried to optimize the feeling of comfort. Through innovative industrial processes, we have decreased by 20% the weight of the sole to make walking and standing more comfortable station. Also, particular attention has been paid to the interior design of the shoe.

Always with the aim of improving the lives of chefs and servers, ClementDesign to study a new concept of deck "Speed Belt." This eliminates the traditional ties apron not always practical to maintain, much less aesthetic.
With the "Speed Belt" system will best fit your lap and keeping your work in find valued.


WEAR HYBRID concept is to mix different materials to obtain a single garment: the fall of a perfect warp and weft polyester cotton, combined with the comfort of a technical mesh. this mesh has been specially developed for professional use:
A cotton in contact with the skin for greater comfort with a polyester on the outside of the garment for better durability of colors and tightly woven for a flawless face held.