Kitchen aprons for men

Designed to meet the expectations of chefs and their teams, our range of kitchen clothing is adapted to the demands of your profession. Our selection of service wear is designed to combine comfort and elegance.


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Paprika Sale price$41.15 CAD
Girofle Sale price$21.15 CAD
Badiane Sale price$33.50 CAD
Genievre Sale price$19.00 CAD
Curry Sale price$15.10 CAD
Paprika Striped Sale price$47.50 CAD
Wok Blanc T1  - Clement Design - Tablier cuisine - WOK BLANC T1
Wok Sale price$47.50 CAD
Safran    - Clement Design - Tablier cuisine -
Safran Sale price$59.75 CAD
On sale
Coriandre Sale priceFrom $27.50 CAD Regular price$39.50 CAD
On sale
Massala !    - Clement Design - Tablier cuisine -
Massala ! Sale priceFrom $33.95 CAD Regular price$47.50 CAD
Iowa    - Clement Design - Tablier cuisine -
Iowa Sale price$53.50 CAD